About Us:

Hi there!!! Welcome to I'm Simply Nutty :)
We are proud to say that we are Southwest Florida's First and Only Local ~ All Natural ~ Raw Almond Milk. Simply Nutty is all about fresh ingredients with no preservatives, thickeners, or pasteurization. Each of our milks are free of additives, fillers, and dairy... what it DOES contain is LOVE!
We believe we are so much more than a pretty bottle. We are a small, locally owned business making good things happen in the heart of Southwest FL. What started out as an experiment, has transformed into a passion to serve our community with pure, natural, simple yumminess - each batch made to order and squeezed with love!
Our Mission is to provide our community with delicious, wholesome products which contain only natural ingredients, I'm Simply Nutty products are filled to the brim with a positive passion for healthy living.
I still pinch myself that this amazing journey of spreading health and happiness has begun...to one this may sound crazy, to me I say it's
"Simply Nutty!"


Meaningful Ingredients:

I'm Simply Nutty's dairy free Nut Milks and Nut Butters are made with natural, wholesome, pure ingredients.
Our milk is raw and unpasteurized, which means it has a short life span.  Each jar of milk has an approx 5 day shelf life, which means absolutely NO preservatives or additives.  Make sure to keep it refrigerated and always shake before serving.
Enjoy with cereal, granola, coffee, or just simply by itself!