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Where can I buy your products?

GREAT QUESTION!  We are VERY HARD on trying to spread the word that Southwest Florida has launched its first locally made homemade Almond Milk business.  You can find us down at the Third Street South Farmers Market every Saturday, and weekly deliveries are made to Neighborhood Organics in Naples,


Is I'm Simply Nutty products suitable for Vegans?

Yes, we do not use any animal products, ever!


Are your products soy and gluten free?

Yes, we are both soy and gluten free.

Why is it more expensive than other store brands?

This question often makes us wonder, how are others making almond milk so cheap? It's SIMPLY NUTTY to me!

Making almond milk the right way is not cheap. We maintain a raw, perishable product, and using high quality ingredients.  Not to mention, the percentage of almonds in most other brands is significantly lower than ours. That means more flavor enhancers, preservatives and additives, and less of the real, natural goodness which comes from the almonds themselves.


Do you add sugar to any of your almond milk flavors?

NO! If sweetened, we do so with nature's candy - Medjool Dates


How long does each bottle last?

We have a shelf life of up to 5 days. We are truly a raw product, which means absolutely no additives or preservatives, which is the reason for its short life span. Be sure to always refrigerate.

What is the difference between I'm Simply Nutty milk and the almond milk that you buy in the grocery store or on the shelf in a box?

Quality! We believe in quality without compromise, and this means no additives or preservatives. Our almond milk contains a higher percentage of almonds than most other almond milks found in your local market. As a result of this, the standard, well known brands of almond milks are generally full of other, (often hard to pronounce / spell) ingredients such as emulsifiers, flavor “enhancers” and thickeners. Our products contain a short list of all natural, easily identifiable ingredients that you can pronounce.


I notice the product separates, why does it do this?

I do get separation anxiety. Please don't judge me for it.  I separate because I am all natural, that's all.  Just give me a little shake before drinking.


Why do you have a shorter shelf life than other almond milks on the market?

We are committed to keeping our products as close to their natural state as possible. For this reason we do not pasteurize our product or add any chemicals or preservatives to extend shelf life, as this is not what nature intended.